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Use of the marconi moisture meter for quick determination of moisture in rapeseedAta, J. K. B. A.1968Technical Report
Food industries in GhanaChristian, W. F. K.1968Technical Report
Problems of food packaging in GhanaLartey, B. L.1968Technical Report
A study of infant feeding practices in AccraDovlo, F. E.1968Article
Traditional food packaging materials in GhanaLartey, B. L.1968Article
A survey of metropolitan food hygiene and controlOkraku-Offei, G.1968Article
Marketing operations of the Ghana State Fishing CorporationReusse, E.1968Article
Foods of GhanaWhitby, P.1968Article
Ghana`s food industries: an economic analysisReusse, E.1968Technical Report
The meat supply of GhanaClottey, J. A.1969Technical Report
Consumers opinion on malnutrition in GhanaDovlo, F. E.1969Article
Suitable tomato varieties for the canneries in GhanaApte, S. S.; Dirks, R. E.; Eyeson, K. K.; Ghansah, A. K.; Sundararajan, A. R.1969Article
The supply position of copra to Esiama copra oil mill: 1961-69Bartels, J. E. M.1970Technical Report
Problems of livestock improvement in West AfricaClottey, J. A.1970Technical Report
Some quality aspects of locally manufactured marmaladesDei-Tutu, J.1970Technical Report
Lactic acid bacteria in fermenting maize doughChristian, W. F. K.1970Article
A new model equation for predicting safe storage moisture levels for optimum stability of dehydrated foodsCaurie, M.1970Article
Effect of culture medium on the inhibitory activity of streptomycinChristian, W. F. K.1970Article
Pigments and colour of Australian peach varietiesDei-Tutu, J.; Edwards, R. A.; Buckle, K. A.1970Article
A prototype cassava grater for use in Ghana, based on studies of existing gratersLartey, B. L.1970Article