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Title: Effect of drying techniques on the physical, functional, and rheological attributes of isolated sunflower protein and its hydrolysate
Authors: Dabbour, M.
Sami, R.
Mintah, B. K.
He, R.
Wahia, H.
Khojah, E.
Petkoska, A. T.
Fikry, M.
Keywords: Sunflower protein;Freeze drying;Convection drying;Turbidity;Functionality;Viscosity;Molecular weight
Issue Date: 2022
Publisher: MDPI
Citation: Processes, 10 (1), 13
Abstract: The influence of freeze and convection (at 40 and 50 °C) drying on the physical, functional, and rheological attributes of sunflower protein (SP) and its hydrolysate (SPH) was investigated. Compared with convectively-dried samples, the lightness, turbidity, bulk density, and particle size values of the freeze-dried SP and SPH were substantially higher, but the browning index was lower (p < 0.05). Additionally, freeze-dried samples exhibited good solubility and foaming characteristics, whereas lower emulsion properties with the most pH values were observed. Furthermore, SPHs possessed higher solubility as well as foamability over SPs under varying pH values (2.0–10.0), whilst reduction in the emulsion activity index was clearly observed (p < 0.05). Convectively-dried powders exhibited greater viscosity and consistency coefficient; and significantly lower flow behavior index of dispersions, relative to the respective freeze-dried preparations, indicating that dehydration methods influenced the flow behavior of the investigated samples. From a molecular weight analysis, convectively-dried samples at various temperatures were characterized with high proportion of small-sized particles at ≤1 kDa fractions over the respective powders obtained by freeze drying. The observations made, thus, would benefit food processors and manufacturers in electing better dehydration technique based on the desired traits of SP and SPH powders for successful application in food product formulations
ISSN: 2227-9717
Journal Name: Processes
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